LGBT, physically impaired and albino models make for truly inclusive fashion

Think model and what comes to mind is a vision of perfection. Long toned limbs, perfect poise, flawless skin, uniformity and other general mainstream notions of beauty.

One designer in Colombia though, is trying to break these very notions. Think physical disabilities, cognitive ones, albinism, nontraditional sexualities and what you've got is Colombian designer Guio Di Colombia's Walkway Inclusion fashion show in Cali city, Colombia.

Meant to raise awareness and break stigmas about those with physical and cognitive disabilities, minorities and marginalised sexualities, the show saw models like Zuly Rodriguez, who was born without her lower limbs, as well as other models with albinism, cognitive disabilities, members of the LGBT community and those from marginalised races like the African diaspora in one glorious celebration of fashion and multiplicity.