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First Hillary, now Joe Biden: Can Donald Trump kill second bird with same stone?

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 1 September 2020, 16:53 IST
Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump—the presidential nominee of the Republican party—seems to have perfected the art of making repeated personal attacks which eventually force the Democratic party nominee to go on the back foot. On the other hand, Trump never shies away from his weaknesses, he rather boasts about it.

Trump loves to speak his mind
On numerous occasions, his tweets have invited a lot of ridicule, but Trump never stops speaking his mind. Many voters find him crass sometimes, but they all appreciate that he never hides his feelings and opinions on any issue. If he has committed, he will not back out once in power— a belief maintained by even those who oppose his policies.

Fake news barb
Media has not been kind to Trump and this he has perfected to his advantage. He has created serious doubts in the minds of voters by uttering these two words: Fake news.

Most of the media houses in the US and UK are known to take an anti-Trump stand and highlight issues from only one perspective. This was a major reason Trump convinced voters that he was actually anti-establishment, out to put the country in order by running it like a major industrial corporation. Hillary Clinton was accused by Trump of circulating fake news and the same narrative continues, only the players have changed—this time Joe Biden has to take the maximum hit.

Then 'Crooked' Hillary Clinton, now 'sleepy' Joe Biden
Trump and his supporters raised Hillary Clinton's health issues and various videos were circulated on the social media to drum up the chaos around Hillary's ability to lead the United States of America. Now Joe Biden is being termed slow, sleepy and inefficient by Trump. Going forward Trump is going to question 'Joe Bidens ability to take decisions fast'. Trump has been raising issues of Biden's health and mental alertness, which reminds all of videos and theories doing the rounds in 2016 US Presidential elections, making one believe that Hillary was suffering from a serious health issue.

Trump gives results, tames markets and rivals
Many see Trump as the architect who can create the structure to help the US economy surge again amidst the Coronavirus pandemic. Trump has been boasting of jobs and flourishing economy before the onslaught of the economy. He talks about 'energy independence for the US', resolving the balance of trade issues with China, and curtailing unnecessary expenditure being incurred by the US over the years.

Donald Trump tries to comes across ' a man of common sense' who is active, sharp and bull in the share market. Trump has been employing the same strategy that helped him win in 2016. Trump's opponents are quick to point out—he is resorting to old tactics—but they forget one thing: this is an effective strategy. Trump is out to make the kill the second time.

First published: 1 September 2020, 16:49 IST