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WATCH: Old Delhi Muslims' mixed reactions to triple talaq verdict


On Tuesday, the Supreme Court struck down triple talaq – the Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce their wives – as 'unconstitutional'.

Muslims living in Old Delhi have given mixed reactions to the verdict. While some believe that women have been given equal rights, others see it as interfering with Sharia laws.

“I don't think that the court or anybody has right to change Muslim laws. Why doesn't Narendra Modi first solve the issues with his own wife? Will this law bring peace in the country? If yes, then I agree with this judgment,” says an anxious Mohammad Rashid, a bookseller.

The judgement has generated other debates around the rights of Muslim women – on issues like divorce, marriage and also on the inheritance, all of which come under the umbrella of Muslim personal laws.

“Being a Muslim woman, I don't see anything good in this judgment. They can't meddle with our laws. They have a poor understanding of our religion, and I don't think that they should be given the right to change laws of any religion,” says Nafeesa.

More than 20 Muslim countries, including neighbouring Pakistan and Bangladesh, have banned the practice, and some have welcomed the SC verdict.

”This verdict will help save many Muslim women from an instant divorce. I also think this law will give equal rights to Muslim women, which is indeed good for us,” says Zainab, a student.