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Vijay Diwas: 10 facts of 1971 Indo-Pakistan war that every Indian should know

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 12 December 2019, 16:58 IST
Vijay Diwas

The 1971 Indo-Pakistan war, is the third war between the two countries after the partition of British India in 1947. The third war between India and Pakistan was a major military conflict between the two countries.

The war started when Pakistan launched airstrikes on 11 Indian airbases, in which over 3,800 soldiers of the two countries lost their lives.

The ended with the surrender of 90,000 Pakistani troops and India won the war significantly, breaking Pakistan into two, with the formation of Bangladesh.

During the war, over 3,900 Indian soldiers were killed and 10,000 injured, with many lefts of suffering from life-long disabilities.

10 facts Indian should  know about the 1971 war:

  • On December 3, 1971, Pakistan attacked around 11 Indian airfields which led to starting of the Indo-Pak war.
  • During the 1971 India and Pakistan war, Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister.
  • The 1971 war was concluded in just 13 days, one of the shortest wars in history.
  • Bangladesh is believed to be the country that was created after World War II.
  • The Air Force jets bombed on the PAF airfields that disabled Pakistan to attack through the airfield.
  • Indian Air Force had executed more than 500 sorties in a day which is believed to be more than in World War II.
  • Pakistan Army Commander Lt Gen Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered around 93,000 Pakistani soldiers to the Indian Army
  • Pakistan had also attacked all fronts. Islamabad attacked Longewala in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan.
  • The attack on Longewala was withstood by an Infantry company 23 Punjab. The infantry has halted the hundreds of tanks until the assistance came from the Indian Air Force.
  • Over nine million refugees entered India during the brutality.

Every year, December 16 is celebrated as the Victory Day of Bangladesh. To commemorate the victory over Pakistan in 1971, India has also decided to celebrate the day as ‘Vijay Diwas’.

The day also remembers India’s entry into the liberation war being fought in East Pakistan, which is now Bangladesh.

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