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Subramanian Swamy explains his involvement in the Sunanda Pushkar case


The Delhi High Court heard BJP MP Subramanian Swamy's plea asking for the CBI to investigate Sunanda Pushkar's death on Tuesday. While hearing the plea, the court also questioned Delhi Police about the delay in investigation, given that it's a 2014 case.

The bench, comprising Justice GS Sistani and Justice Chander Shekhar, noted that electronic evidence was collected in February 2015, and over two years later, Delhi Police has failed to produce the final result from the evidence.

"This (collecting of evidence)is something that happened in February 2015. Why it took two years for the police to get the final result. Here is somebody who passed away back in 2014 and you (police) initially said it was a suicide but later it turned out to be a homicide," the bench said.

Catch met Swamy at Rajasthan Patrika's annual ideafest Keynote in Jodhpur, on Saturday. Suggesting that Pushkar war murdered to keep her from spilling the beans on IPL, Swamy toldCatch, “[The post mortem conducted by AIIMS] says that the body is full of 15 injury marks, an injection hole in her hand, a coagulation in her cheeks (which means somebody forcibly opened her mouth), and her insides are full of poison.”

“It was a murder to seal her mouth,” he added.

On being asked why he's so involved in the case, Swamy said, “I felt that why should a woman die, whatever her character or lack of character [may be], because, you know, I was [asked] why are you taking interest in it. I said that it's wrong that the people in power can kill some woman and just cover it up!”

Swamy claims to be troubled by how Tharoor and the rest of Congress are “continuing as a party”. “There's not even grief. So yeah, I thought I should do it,” he said.

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