Reduced demand, reduced remuneration: Workers from Wazirpur's Industrial District speak up

Demonestisation has hit India across its length and breadth. While cities are witnessing never-ending queues outside ATMs and banks, villages are paralysed with only one ATM or two, kilometres away.

The hardest hit are the farmers, the daily wage labourers and factory workers. Farmers are unable to sell their produce or buy raw material to prepare for the next sowing season. The daily labourers are not getting paid because of the dearth of cash in the market. Some are even losing their jobs.

Catch visited the Wazirpur Industrial District in Delhi and spoke to some of the workers there about how PM Modi's demonetisation move has affected their lives. Here are some of their testimonies.

Vishakh Unnikrishnan @sparksofvishdom

A graduate of the Asian College of Journalism, Vishakh tracks stories on public policy, environment and culture. Previously at Mint, he enjoys bringing in a touch of humour to the darkest of times and hardest of stories. One word self-description:...