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Police finds car used to dump Sheena's body; but no motive to kill her

Ashwin Aghor | Updated on: 30 August 2015, 1:35 IST

Case progress

  • Investigators find car used by Indrani to dump Sheena\'s body
  • Sheena\'s brother Mikhail admits he forged her sign on letters
  • He says Indrani spiked his drink, leaving him senseless
  • Sanjeev Khanna says he helped Indrani dispose Sheena\'s body
  • Khanna denies being a part of murder though
  • Indrani says she posted photos on Sheena\'s Facebook account
  • Maharashtra DGP seeks inquiry into Raigad police lapse

The Sheena Bora investigation seems to have hit a roadblock. The police has yet to find a motive behind her murder.

On the other hand, they can't confirm whether the mortal remains found near Pen in Maharashtra's Raigad were Sheena's without a DNA test report, which will take four days.

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On Saturday, the investigators claimed they found the car that Indrani Mukerjea - the wife of former Star TV boss Peter Mukerjea - had used to dispose Sheena's body, after which she sold it.

Sheena's brother Mikhail, being questioned at the Khar police station, has reportedly confessed to having forged her signature on her resignation letter and another letter sent to her landlord to terminate her rent agreement.

Some sources said Indrani kept Sheena's Facebook ID and mobile phone active for a year after the murder

He also said he was present in Mumbai the day Sheena, Indrani's daughter, was allegedly murdered.

"Mikhail initially claimed that Indrani called him to Mumbai from Guwahati to reportedly discuss a property matter on 24 April, 2012. However, he later changed his statement and now claims he was called to discuss preparations for the wedding of Sheena and Rahul Mukerjea, the son of Peter," a police source said.

Mikhail denied any involvement in the murder and claimed that Indrani, and Sanjeev Khanna spiked his drink while they visited him at a hotel in Worli, leaving him senseless.

Some sources said Indrani kept Sheena's Facebook ID and mobile phone active for a year after the murder. She posted pictures on her Wall from various US locations to convince people that Sheena was there.

"What raised suspicion was that none of the pictures had Sheena in the frame. When questioned on this, Indrani broke down and spilled the beans," the police source said.

The case now rests on the DNA report. "The report is crucial to establish that the mortal remains recovered from the forest of Gagode and those handed over by the JJ Hospital belonged to Sheena Bora," Dr Tatyarao Lahane, the dean of JJ Hospital, said.

"We couldn't establish the sex, age and cause of death of the person from the bones sent by Raigad police in 2012 as the quantity was too less and, most importantly, they were charred. Those details can now be established by the DNA test."

Maharashtra's DGP has ordered an inquiry into the alleged inaction by the Raigad police

Sanjeev Khanna, Indrani's former husband, has denied active involvement in the murder, saying he helped Indrani dispose the victim's body. He claimed that Indrani asked him to Mumbai on 24 April, 2012.

Meanwhile, Sanjeev Dayal, Maharashtra's director general of police, ordered an inquiry into the alleged inaction by Raigad police.

"I have received the orders to conduct inquiry against the then deputy SP, inspector and other subordinates. The report will be submitted to the DGP within seven days," said Raigad police superintendent Suvez Haque.

"Ideally, the officials should have registered a murder and investigated the case. No one even bothered to collect the test report of the bone samples sent to JJ Hospital," Haque said.

First published: 30 August 2015, 1:35 IST