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MP: Automatic sensor bell installed at Pashupatinath temple

News Agencies | Updated on: 13 June 2020, 8:40 IST

With the opening of religious places amid relaxations of Covid imposed guidelines, authorities have put in place certain measures to ensure social distancing.

A case in point is the Mandsaur Pashupatinath temple here, which has installed an automatic sensor in the temple bell in order to avoid physical contact.

The bell can be rung without touching it.

This, says temple authorites, was necesseciated after the temple opened but people were not touching bells in the temple to avoid spread of the infection.

Nahru Khan who installed the sensor said, "I felt that there should be a way for people to able to ring the bell during the pandemic without touching it, so I installed this sensor."

A devotee Riya said, "It is very helpful during the pandemic. It is important to ring the bell when we pray."

Another devotee said, "It is necessary for devotees to ring the bell so as to reach God. This type of sensor made it easy for us to ring the bell without touching it. It is very useful during the pandemic."


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First published: 13 June 2020, 8:38 IST