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Addicted to smartphone? Here's how you can fight Nomophobia

Namita S Kalla | Updated on: 17 December 2017, 19:18 IST
Technology has invaded the ever ruling monotony of ‘work and home’ life. The good news is; as a ubiquitous phenomenon, social networking has successfully bridged the communication gap, thus shrinking the world. But on the gloomy side, the exponential use of social networking has resulted in hampering family lives. Thus giving rise to terms like Nomophobia. Nomophobia can also be called No-mobile- phobia. It is a fear of being without one's mobile, or being unable to use the mobile phone. It also includes absence of signal or a low battery on the phone.
Experts believe that excessive use of digital networking results in depression, effects one's personality and most importantly disrupts family as well as work life.Thus there is an urgent need to maintain a balance between family and social networking and encouraging a healthy living. Here are a few ideas that can help to make life better. 

Start your day with Meditation

Instead of gazing into the mobile phone, the first thing in the morning, it is better to sit down, close your eyes (you can also wear an eye mask) and take a deep breath. It is important to focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. 

Take a Walk

Go for a walk. Nothing works better than a stroll in the neighbourhood or at a near by park. If you like your own company, Good! Else take along your friend, sibling, spouse, or children. While this is among the best and cheapest physical activity, it can also enhance your social interaction with people. Besides, you can take your pet along to keep you company. 

Bring on the Board

Remember enjoying board games like Ludo, Carrom board, Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.? Most of which you now play on your mobile phone. Chuck the phone and bring out your favourite board game. Involve your family members too. They might say 'Nah!' at first but gradually they will enjoy playing it. (Psst Psst... The best way to involve children to play with you is, not invite them at all. Yes! you heard us right. Begin the game with your spouse or play it alone at first. Make sure to throw in some exaggerated expressions like, Oh!, Damn!, No!, Yayy!, and you will soon find them joining you in the game.) You can start it as a weekend tradition and gradually increase the number of days in a week.

'Book' Yourself

When was the last that you read your favourite comic, novel, magazine by holding a hard copy of the same? Long back, is it? Time to re-introduce yourself to the best friend that we humans have always had (after dogs, of course). Don't order online, rather go to a nearby book store and buy one. You can also pick one from your long forgotten library. Devote at least half-an-hour a day to fuel your reading habit. If your family and friends are interested, then you can also hold reading sessions at home. Text, Tea, and Togetherness; sounds like a great combination, Right?

No-Gadget Day

Choose a day of a week and declare it as a No-Gadget-Day. This should mean no television, no mobile phones, no iPad/tablet, laptop, etc. You have to abstain from technology for the whole day. Your so-called important calls can be transferred to landline. 

Hone that Hobby

It can be gardening, writing, painting, origami, singing, playing an instrument, or cooking & baking. It can just be anything that you once loved to do, but haven't been able to do it for a long time now. Hone your hobby and you will be surprised at the results. I can already see you smiling as you look at the flowers on that plant you planted a few weeks back, or smelling the whiff of your home baked cookies. Trust me it is fun. 

Window Shopping

A big respite from your ever growing online shopping. Christmas is nearing, so why not visit the local bazaar and see the charm. The well decorated markets will certainly inject the Christmas feel in you. And if you can, then buy something from a small time vendor and see him smile that ear-to-ear smile. 



First published: 17 December 2017, 19:16 IST