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5 Top-rated Medical & Healthcare Business Ideas for 2017-18

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 November 2017, 15:46 IST


The health care industry worldwide needs adequate attention periodically in an effort to make the most recent medical facilities available to individuals. This should be irrespective of the fact that whether or not an individual can afford the required medication.

It’s a duty of the government of a nation to ensure that every individual must have the basic medication. Health insurance policies do provide assurance for adequate medication. As these policies are available in abundance, individuals ought to compare health insurance policies to pick out the best one, i.e. in terms of coverage. (We will pick up this point again later in this article.)

You, as an individual, can also contribute to the healthcare industry of the nation. So, if you are a medical professional or looking forward to starting a business in the healthcare or medical industry, below are top 5 medical & healthcare business ideas for 2017-18.

  1. Get Started with Retail Pharmacy Business

The retail Pharmacy business is one among the flourishing and productive businesses in the healthcare industry today. If an individual is looking forward to starting their own retail pharmacy business, they must consent to the Regulations of Retail Pharmacy Businesses.

As per the law passed in 2008, any individual who needs to set up a retail drug store business must abide by the directions that guide the sourcing, stockpiling, sale, supply, and recordkeeping, in regard to the medicative items. Also, they must also comply with various other necessities, such as prerequisites that identify with staff, premises, equipment, and processes are stipulated at the same time.

  1. Start a Medical Point or Clinic

A portion of the principal business ideas that promptly ring a bell in terms of commencing a business in the medicative services industry is to open a medical point or clinic. Most likely, medicative facilities play imperative parts in the industry of healthcare. Essentially, practically everything in the medicinal medicative services industry revolves around medical centers.

For example, medicative equipment are manufactured to be utilized as a part of medications and are produced and managed when prescribed by specialists, which is clearly from the clinic. Along these lines, in case you are searching for a profoundly flourishing business to begin in the healthcare industry, then the best option is to start a clinic/hospital. Despite the fact that non-specialists can open a clinic, there are counties in which you should be a doctor or have a doctor on board before you can open a clinic or hospital.

  1. Start Drug Manufacturing Unit

Another exceptionally flourishing and profitable business in the healthcare industry that entrepreneurs, specifically the individuals who are licensed pharmacists ought to consider beginning is to go into the drug manufacturing industry. Nations like India and China are truly 'increasing' the game with regards to manufacturing of drugs. This is due to the fact that it is helping their economy to development, respectively.

In case you are a drug manufacturer or pharmacist and are looking forward to beginning a business in the healthcare industry, the best option you have is to go into the manufacturing of drugs, particularly if you possess the ability to raise the required start, i.e. up capital since it is a capital concentrated business.

  1. Maternity Center is another option

In rural areas, particularly in small towns, there are numerous pregnant ladies who can't manage the cost of standard hospitalization cost for the delivery of their children. This is the prime reason why they decide on maternity centers or enlist under a Duala or midwife. Therefore, if you are a midwife and have a great interest in starting a business in the healthcare industry, then opening and operating a maternity center is the best and most flourishing business idea you can go for.

It is vital and you would require a license or permit from the required medical authority restorative or administrative specialist before you can legitimately open and operate a privately-owned maternity center in the U.S. and in many nations worldwide.

  1. Sell Health Insurance or Mediclaim Cover

An additional flourishing and beneficial business that entrepreneurs who are keen on profiting from the health care industry ought to take part in is the sale of health insurance or mediclaim for senior citizens particularly, as they are more prone to illnesses than youngsters. There is an extensive market for health insurance and if you are a hardworking individual and determined, then you will round up a huge sum of USD on commissions from the sale of mediclaim cover to intrigued individuals.

It is a business that you can effectively start with practically no start–up capital and one fortunate thing about this sort of businesses is that you needn't bother about any specialized capabilities in order for you to start offering medical insurance cover. Here, all you require are sales and marketing skills and consumer-centric attitude.


Do you think these business ideas can yield good returns on investment? Well, these business ideas certainly bring great profit if put to practice efficiently. All you will have to do is combine the best of your efforts with your experience and analytical research. So, you better get ready!


First published: 16 November 2017, 15:46 IST