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OMG! This hot Egyptian actress faces up to 5-years in jail for wearing 'see-through' dress at an event

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 2 December 2018, 16:34 IST

An Egyptian actress faces up to five years jail terms for wearing a see-through dress at an event. The actress Rania Youssef will face trial next month promoting immorality after attending the Cairo Film Festival in a see-through dress, state-owned online newspaper Al-Ahram Gate reported on Saturday.

Actress Rania Youssef will face a trial in January next year in Cairo after receiving a number of complaints about her attire, accusing her of inciting immorality and promoting vice.

Rania Youssef actress turned heads at the closing ceremony of the festival on Thursday. At an event, the actress appeared in a black dress that exposed what some commentators described as a swimsuit beneath it.

Rania Youssef, who could face up to five years in jail if found guilty, apologised and said she wouldn't have worn it if she'd known it would cause such controversy. Charges against the actress were brought by two lawyers known for taking celebrities to court.

The pictures of the 44-year-old film star left Tweeple divided, with some calling her names and trolling her, while other defending her right to wear what she wants.

“This dress and design are called ‘I forgot my trousers while going to be honoured,” wrote one Twitter user.

Another user said Rania’s appearance will help her get more work.

“This entry has at least 15 films, two television series and 13 television and radio show appearances,” wrote Karim Ahmed on Twitter. “Congratulations.

Another Twitter user writing under the name Zakaria MJ frowned at the criticism.

“Rania Youssef is looking gorgeous,” he wrote in a message in English. “I don’t get why everybody is mad at her.”

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First published: 2 December 2018, 16:33 IST