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Are contemporary women attracted towards chivalrous men

Namita Kalla | Updated on: 30 November 2017, 22:19 IST

Raise your hand if you are a contemporary woman, the one who not only takes care of herself but can also take on the world if required. Now raise your hand yet again if you think you are a modern girl who admires a few traditional things-- for example chivalry. 

Feminists may argue, why chivalry when men and women are equal. But then there is something called the gender-roles.  And as much as we believe in feminism, still some of us women can drool over men who bespeak chivalry. Courteous and gracious men often leave us quivering. But then call us picky but we women are selective when we expect chivalry.

Knight in the shining armour? No, thanks! We are not looking for a saviour or a protector, we just expect some mannerliness. Here is an array of things that we seek when we talk about chivalry in men. 

 Be Attentive: Make sure to lend us your complete and undivided attention when we are talking to you. Women love discounts, but not when it shows in your manners. 

Show Compassion: Your sensitivity and tenderness towards the suffering and less fortunate can have our hearts reaching out to you. 

Hold the door: Not that we expect this. In fact in the current scenario this can be too much to expect from men, but we do find the act nice. Not as a mandatory thing, but it indeed is impressive. 

Hail politeness: Never leave your home without wearing this. More so if you are to deal with women. Rude, ruthless, and impolite men are a big turn off. 

Smile please: Be it your date, your colleague, or your neighbour next door, make sure to greet women with a genuine smile. Women can tell by your smile how much of a gentleman you are. 

Polished urbanity: Any idea how women sigh when they say, "That polished urbanity of his". That's because we are always buying sophistication and dignity. If your attitude reflects elegance then you surely can send our hearts aflutter.

Witty sans sarcasm: Please tug your sarcasm in your gut when you talk to women. Women, among themselves, can surely laugh off sarcastic remarks, but the same coming from men, sorry, not entertained. 

First published: 30 November 2017, 19:07 IST