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4 countries, 1 band: Here's what brings Monoswezi together


Mo for Mozambique, No for Norway, Swe for Sweden and Zi for Zimbabwe. That's what makes this band's name - Monoswezi.

The first to take the Udaipur World Music Festival stage, this relaxed band of five came together due to a common passion for traditional African music, especially that of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

True to this passion, Monoswezi performs with some curious musical instruments such as the mbira. Their lead vocalist, Hope Masike's face brightens up when asked about this instrument.

Masike tells Catch she 'loves' the mbira. "I love it because it has a special history that links with Zimbabwean history."

But what's more curious is the use of cardboard boxes as musical instruments by percussionist Calu Tsemane. Masike jokes that if we had any cardboard to dispose of, we'd found our guy.

Saxophonist Hallvard Godal plays more than one instrument, one of them being the harmonium. He loves most things Indian, especially Bollywood. And within Bollywood, especially Lagaan.

"Lagaan was too short for the Oscars," he jokes. "Four hours you know."

Not too thrilled at being left behind with all this talk about unique musical instruments, bassist Putte Johander joins in. "I have a bass guitar... and it's yellow," he says.

Durga M Sengupta @the_bongrel

Feminist and culturally displaced, Durga tries her best to live up to her overpowering name. She speaks four languages, by default, and has an unhealthy love for cheesy foods. Assistant Editor at Catch, Durga hopes to bring in a focus on gender politics and the role in plays in all our interactions.