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16 things that will certainly happen in Game of Thrones Season 8

Catch Team | Updated on: 28 August 2017, 23:27 IST

There's something deeply satisfying about the end of this season's Game of Thrones for book readers. Because, for once, we can realistically expect a book before the absolute final episode of the series. This, of course, entirely depends on George RR Martin's general temperament and willingness to yield.

But while Winds of Winter must traverse a shoddily mapped out world and hopefully come out with a wholly different and better tale, the series is closing in on a TV spectacle ending. Some prophesies will bear fruit, there will be more war scenes, some predictable face offs, and yes, good ol' romance in the next season.

While the wait is a long one – two years, to be exact – we can hold on to the belief that more time means better storytelling. Some of the certainties that will befall the world Westeros, in our humble opinion, are listed here:


1. End of Night's Watch

With The Wall no longer existing, and the blue-eyed gang beyond The Wall moving south, there's no real purpose left for The Night's Watch. The men who took the black, willingly or not, must again find a purpose. Or die.

They'll probably all just die.

2. Jaime kills Cersei

Jaime has finally realised that Cersei and him are no longer on the same side, and possibly haven't been in a while now. He must weed out his only weakness to survive.

Plus, there's that Cersei death prophesy.

3. Cleganebowl

Fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time. The Hound and The Mountain are destined to have a fight to the end, and with Season 7's little teaser Cleganebowl has become a clear deal for the next season.

4. Big Bran reveal

Bran could be the Night King. Bran is the same Three-Eyed-Raven. Bran is every Bran in Stark history. So many theories, and we'll soon find out if any of them are true.

Plus, given Bran knows so much about the world, he'll probably reveal some profound truth. Or he'll just watch the world burn from his medieval wheelchair.

5. Jon Snow rides a dragon

Two Targaryens, two dragons. The math is so simple that if this didn't happen we'd enjoy the show more. If Jon doesn't get to ride a dragon, it would be because of one of two possibilities:

a) Rhaegal dies

2) Jon and Dany war over the throne (wouldn't that be delicious?)

6. Jon & Dany get married

Jonaerys shippers, you guys will love this, won't you? The most obvious conclusion for this fairly hyped romance is a stamp of societal approval.

Plus, the showmakers have made Dany talk about marriage one too many times. There needs to be some logical conclusion for that.

7. Jon Arya meeting

Honestly, we're looking forward to this reunion more than anything. Though it's not a significant point in the plot, fans have waited patiently for their solid sibling chemistry and they'll definitely get rewarded come Season 8.

8. Return of Ghost

Showmakers Benioff and Weiss have gone on record to say that Ghost is just too expensive for them. Especially now that they're focusing all their resources on fancy dragons.

However, Ghost has to make an appearance in the final season, if for nothing, fan service – something the showmakers have indulged in full this season. Chances are he'll die on the very episode, with an emotional Dobby-esque ending. Or maybe his red eyes will turn blue.

9. Arya kills one major character

For an assassin, Arya has tried her hand at very little killing this season. Hell, she didn't even have to change her face to get Littlefinger.

Given her training, and the possession of Littlefinger's face, Arya will probably get to kill another major character next season. This time, we're hoping it'll be a lot cooler.

10. Melisandre's real deal

The Red Woman remains shrouded in mystery, and while we've learnt quite a bit about Varys – the other enigmatic character – over the years, Melisandre's role in the Game of Thrones universe (beyond reviving Jon) is yet to be explored.

She'll probably be key to the fulfillment of the Azor Ahai prophesy.

11. Theon/Yara kill Euron

Theon had a coming of age moment in the final episode of this season. He seems to have risen above his fears, though PTSD isn't a matter to be taken lightly. Having said that, he could very well assist Yara in killing their uncle (and the only source of wit on the Iron Islands).

12. Night King's history

For a show that is increasingly relying on the living vs dead theme, we know awful little about the Others, and especially their fascinating leader – The Night King.

While we've learnt that he was created by Leaf, there's still his back story to be explored. Does he have a motive beyond the obvious? Is he too a grey character? There are just so many questions.

13. Dragon battle

This will be visually glorious, and in all probability, it will be the ultimate battle scene. The ice dragon (R.I.P. Viserion) will fight his erstwhile brothers Drogon and Rhaegal, with the Night King, Dany and Jon on their respective rides.

Safe to say social media will explode soon after.

14. Azor Ahai

This prince/princess that was promised business has been going on for far too long, and we'll finally get to see who Azor Ahai really is.

If the showmakers have any sense, it wouldn't be a candidate as painfully obvious and non-dynamic as Jon Snow.

15. Dany betrayed for love

Daenerys Targeryen has her own set of rather interesting prophesies to deal with, one being that she will be betrayed by someone close to her for love.

The finale has a super random shot of Tyrion looking quite upset at Jon and Dany getting it on. It's probably the makers realising during the final edit that he needs to betray her in the future. Not that they're planning ahead much.

16. The Great War

So yeah, winter has come, etc. The White Walkers and their undead army have crossed the wall. All that's left is for the living to effectively prepare for the final war – the one where you fight death itself.

First published: 28 August 2017, 23:17 IST