In pictures: Vincent Bal's creativity turns shadows into fun cartoons

When objects cast a shadow, our attention is usually on the object and rarely, if ever, on the shadow. Vincent Bal is different. While we usually need to come out of the shadows to be seen, Bal is capable of drawing attention while working within the silhouette of a shadow. The blind spots of our imagination are fertile playgrounds for him.

Bal, a filmmaker by profession, has mastered the art of taking the shadows of everyday objects and turning them into fun doodles. From the shadow of a rubber duckie turning into a wily burglar escaping with his loot, to the shadow cast by an orange peel turning into a cheerful bear with a pot of honey, Bal's vision and creativity are stunning.

His doodles are so wonderfully well done that once you see his art, you'll never be able to look at shadows the same way again. Curated for you are some of his best works. For more of Bal's genius, be sure to check out his Instagram account.