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Guide to Online Sports Betting

Advertorial | Updated on: 12 September 2019, 15:55 IST
Sports Betting

Sports betting is popular in most countries. There is a wide array of sports to wager on. Some people bet in Betway for fun while others do it to make a profit. However, it is important to understand the fundamentals of sports betting to be a successful punter. It increases your chances of winning huge payouts. Here is a guide to online sports betting.

Understand the Odds

Each betting market has distinct odds. They are the inverse value a particular probability of an occurrence has. If an occurrence has a low likelihood of occurring, it often has high odds. It is recommended to consider the likelihood of an occurrence rather than its odds. Some punters prefer staking on the high odds of weak opponents. However, experienced gamblers rely on their instincts rather than the market odds. Also, you can compare odds which different betting firms offer using specific tools.

Pick the Right Bets

Most amateur bettors create huge accumulators with different selections to make a profit. Accumulators allow you to win huge payouts from relatively small stakes. Add extra selections to multiply the odds of your bet. Some bookies offer friendly odds that could earn you 100 percent theoretical return.

Set Stakes

Setting stakes is a major challenge for most people. You need several betting strategies to set high stakes. Failure to create and apply a particular strategy could make you lose all bets. Some people tend to increase their stakes when they win several successive bets. You might start being overconfident while a winning streak lasts for several weeks. It is advisable to make an informed decision before you increase your minimum stake.

Losing and winning streaks are common in Betway online sports betting as they depend on someone's luck. It is recommended to keep calm and set suitable steaks that match with your betting strategy rather than the current streak. Create and stick to a certain staking strategy. It is normal to get dispirited when you lose huge stakes.

Anger Management

Each sport has luck. A slight mistake while wagering could adversely affect the outcome of your bet. All gamblers have winning and losing streaks. Nevertheless, it is wise to remember that the results of past bets aren't related to future bets. Many people tend to increase their stakes while on winning streaks or place numerous bets to recover losses. Self-control is vital to manage your emotions. Do not bet while you are in a foul mood as you might make irrational choices. Sports betting is supposed to be a fun and thrilling activity.

Free Bets and Bonuses

Established bookies provide free bets and deposit bonuses to new gamblers. Normally, each deposit bonus has a fixed turnover requirement. You cannot make a withdrawal if you haven't fulfilled the set turnover. It is prudent to check the fine print to avoid making costly mistakes.

Most recreational bettors can make a profit if they create efficient gambling strategies. Some of them are ardent fans of various sports including baseball, cricket, football, rugby, and swimming.

Nevertheless, some bettors aren't interested in researching about their favorite sport. Professional gamblers often win significant payouts that cater to their basic needs. Betting firms such as Betway offer a wide selection of betting markets.

First published: 12 September 2019, 15:55 IST