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World Sindhi Congress to Pakistan-End exploitation of Sindhis now

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 June 2017, 16:41 IST

The World Sindhi Congress (WSC) has passed an important resolution in which it has called upon Pakistan to end all acts of exploitation against the indigenous Sindhi and other minorities.

Presenting a resolution on the abysmal human rights situation in Sindh and Balochistan before the media here, World Sindhi Congress Representative Gul Sanai highlighted the atrocities and discrepancies being faced by Sindhi Hindus and other minorities in Pakistan.

Reading out a brief synopsis of the resolution, Sanai accused Pakistan agencies of perpetrating a campaign of enforced disappearances, systematic violence and marginalization of indigenous Sindhi minorities, especially Hindus, Ahmaddiyas etc, who were living peacefully in Sindh and in other parts of Pakistan.

Drawing attention to the mushrooming of religious seminaries, which were more than 20,000 in number in Sindh alone, the resolution said that religious extremism and extreme fundamentalism in Pakistan was being funded by foreign money.

Sindh and other areas of Pakistan were also suffering from perpetual poverty, non-employment, poor standards of education and other social injustices.

The resolution said "All these factors impact on human development which was at rock bottom. There are also economic inequities, unemployment among the youth, spiraling poverty and creating alarming situations. Our mother tongue, local language schools are all being shut down and closed."

The resolution further stated, "Pakistan must stop attacking and killing Sindhi nationals and other political activists; conduct judicial inquiries into incidents of extra-judicial killings; declare the names of missing and illegally detained people, and or produce them before a court of law if they are accused."

"The Government of Pakistan is responsible for these extra-judicial killings in Sindh and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, forced conversions of Sindhi Hindus. We call upon the Government of Pakistan to address governance issues; restore the law and order situation; allocate substantial resources for development; generate employment and improve the quality of life in Sindh," the resolution stated.

Sanai called on the Pakistan Government to immediately stop exploiting the resources of Sindh and put in place a "policy of fair and equitable distribution of resources as well as policies to discourage internal displacement of people or alter the demographical majority status of the Sindhis in their homeland."

The resolution urged the international community to recognize and resolve the right of and to self-determination of Sindhis and "all constituent nations" of Pakistan; halt religious extremism; fundamentalism and the CPEC project.


First published: 30 June 2017, 16:41 IST