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UNSC condemns North Korea's missile launch over Japan as 'outrageous'

News Agencies | Updated on: 30 August 2017, 10:59 IST
North Korea's missile launch over Japan. (ANI)

Condemning North Korea's test-firing of a ballistic missile that passed over Japan on 29 August, the United Nation Security Council (UNSC) warned Pyongyang not to launch any more missiles and abandon all nuclear weapons and programmes.

Terming the incident "outrageous," the UNSC stressed that these actions are not just threat to the region, but to all the UN member state.

The statement issued by the UNSC further said that Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DRPK), by conducting such launch, are deliberately undermining regional peace and stability, causing grave security concerns across the world.

"The Security Council, resolute in its commitment to the denuclearized Korean Peninsula, emphasizes the vital importance of immediate concrete action to reduce tension in the Korean Peninsula and beyond," said the statement of the UNSC.

The councils also demanded the DRPK to comply with resolution, by suspending all activities related to ballistic missile programmes.

The council also expressed "its commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution."

Meanwhile, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un said that its ballistic missile test, which passed over Japan, comprised "the first step of the military operation of the [Korean People's Army] in the Pacific and a meaningful prelude to containing Guam."

As per the Sputnik, the North Korean state media reported that Kim was reportedly present on the site for the Hwasong-12 missile launch on 29 August.

As per reports, Kim projectile the Hwasong-12 to his threatened multi-salvo attack on Guam, which is a US territory located approximately 3,430 kilometers southeast of the Korean region.

The North Korean media also reported that the missile was launched to counter the joint US-South Korean military drills that took place a week ago.

North Korea on 29 August morning fired an unidentified missile from near the capital Pyongyang, which flew over the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.


First published: 30 August 2017, 10:57 IST