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Donald Trump's sniff may have won his first presidential debate with Hillary Clinton

Blassy Boben | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:46 IST

American presidential candidate, Donald Trump has enough passion to mix style and concern as he introduced a new sniff during this year's first Presidential debate.

As Trump and Hillary Clinton kicked off the debate at Hofstra University in Long Island to discuss several topics impacting American people, viewers noticed the businessman's case of the sniffles, reports E! Online.

While that was the small noise, which punctuated much of what the Republican presidential nominee had to say during the debate, some viewers took to sarcastic memes and it even resulted in a number of new Twitter accounts like @TrumpSniff, one which tweeted, "#makesniffsgreatagain *sniff*." "MAKE BLOW GREAT AGAIN *SNIFF* #debatenight," another tweeted.

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Other sarcastic quotes included, "Best quote of the #PresidentialDebate so far... "Sniff" - @realDonaldTrump," and "Here's the Trump sniffle supercut you've been dreaming of all debate #debates."

However, some were not impressed, as usual, with the peculiarly spontaneous candidate who is likely to introduce new things every time he addresses the nation.

"Trump keeps sniffing. This is making Hillary look healthy. #debatenight," another tweeted.

Moderated by NBC News' Lester Holt, the live televised event featured discussions themed to "America's Direction, Achieving Prosperity and Securing America."

Other memes trending at the end of America's 2016 first presidential debate were the 70-year-old's "numerous conversations" and "relationship" with the Fox News anchor, Sean Hannity, and Hillary Clinton's shoulder shake.

Take a look:

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Watch the full debate here:

First published: 27 September 2016, 1:18 IST