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#CatchNewsTurns1: The painful, meteoric rise of Donald Trump. And why we love him. Not

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 10 February 2017, 1:50 IST

The man of the hour is the same one who is dangerously close to becoming the next President of the United States of America: Donald Trump Drumpf.

Trump, who once funded terrible TV shows, beauty pageants and a spectacular Johnny Bravo-meets-candyfloss haircut, is now potential POTUS and we have nobody to blame except for the Americans. Although to be fair, the Americans could take one look at some of our politicians and say the same thing.

The presumptive GOP presidential candidate is everything past Presidents were not and future candidates are not likely to be.

Here's a peek at Trump, and his plan to make America great again.

1) Decoding man-child Donald Trump's Twitter game

It is hardly surprising that Donald Trump talks incessantly about himself. His entire campaign has been about how great he is. About how Obama-Hillary-Rubio-Cruz-Sanders-Bush-Romney-Kelly are "sad" and how normal-sized his hands and penis happen to be. His admirable Twitter game can be decoded in just four words: I. You. Great. Trump.

Don't believe us? Read more here.

2) When Vijay Mallya was called the Indian Donald Trump

So this happened. Runaway entrepreneur Vijay Mallya was once compared to Donald Trump. Why? They like women. They like parties. They have a penchant for new business ventures and they both think they are showman. Watch the interview here for the guffaws it will definitely provide.

3) Donald Trump quotes scarier than The Conjuring 2

Okay, fine. The Conjuring 2 is the least scary horror films in recent times. Trump, in comparison, is positively terrifying.

Ranked from bad to worse to cannot-believe-he's-still-allowed-to-talk, here are 10 times we've not been okay with Mr Trump's existence.

4) Raj Thackeray and Donald Trump are basically twins

They both seem to love hate-speeches. Divisive statements are an integral part of their politics. They cannot seem to live without theatrics, ostentatious rallies, and don't think twice before encouraging violence. They also hate everyone who isn't on their side.

Want more evidence? Read this.

5) Being Donald Trump - the wrap

From being a mildly ridiculous rich man obsessed with himself, he's gone on to become the most ridiculous rich man obsessed with himself to ever run for presidency in the US.

He wants to build walls, deport Muslims, create employment by bringing jobs 'back' from China, Japan, Mexico and India. He wants gun laws that ensure that there are more guns to 'protect' the junta. Because more guns mean the 'right people have guns'.

The man needs to be stopped. Here's why.
First published: 16 June 2016, 9:39 IST