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#BrahmachariPeacock memes break the internet. But Twitter wants Mor

Sehar Qazi | Updated on: 1 June 2017, 16:20 IST
(Arya Sharma/Catch News)

The High Court Judge from Rajasthan who thought that cow should be the national animal also thinks that peacock is India’s national bird because it is “Brahmachari” or celibate.

In reference to his verdict, Mahesh Chandra Sharma said, “Peacock has pious qualities. He does not indulge in sex with peahen. The peahen gives birth after drinking the tears of the peacock. Even Lord Krishna carried the feather on his head because of the celibacy of the bird”.

He considered them as “pious beings”.

The same man also called for a life sentence to anybody who kills cows and said that cow should be given the same legal status as River Ganga and Yamuna.

Sharma drew a lot of ridicule for his bizarre reasons and people on social media had a blast cracking peacock-peahen jokes.

Here are some hilarious Brahmachari peacock memes.


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Arya Sharma/ Catch News
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First published: 1 June 2017, 16:08 IST