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Cannes 2016: Julia Roberts doesn't care for silly rules, walks red carpet barefoot

Trinaa Prasad | Updated on: 13 May 2016, 17:25 IST
It is hardly possible for a human being to not be aware of how amazing and all-round fabulous Runaway Bride star Julia Roberts really, truly is. Years before sass became cool, Roberts had made it a part of her vibrant personality.

So it cannot come as a surprise to anyone that at the Cannes Film Festival - which has more rules of etiquette than can be considered normal - Julia broke a rule that made her fans very, very happy. Not happy because she broke a rule and got away with it, but because it was a stupid rule to have in the first place.

Why must women be forced to wear heels? How does it add to the experience of watching a film? Are movies screenings more fun when you're terribly uncomfortable? So many questions. Last year, Cannes had turned away a group of elderly women at the screening of Todd Hayne's film, Carol, for not wearing the prerequisite stilettos.

So imagine everyone's delight that Roberts, who was in a plunging black Armani Prive gown with a Chopard diamond necklace and no shoes walked down the red carpet and up the stairs for the screening of Jodie Foster's Money Monster.

Accompanying her were lawyer-activist Amal Alammudin Clooney and her husband George, with Foster. Amal looked every bit a movie star herself in a trailing lemony gown while her husband - an actual movie star we're told - lovingly basked in her glory.

It is not known yet whether Roberts intended to make a point or was just tired of conforming to rules made by people who obviously never had to wear these medieval torture devices.

Meantime, Julia's Stepmom co-star Susan Sarandon broke rules as well when she showed up on the red carpet looking like a million bucks in a pair of flats. So much win.

Ummm.. grow up Cannes. Why won't you?

#juliaroberts took of her heels 😏

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First published: 13 May 2016, 17:25 IST