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The pressure to look 'perfect' overspills on star toddlers

Aeshwarya Singh Mundel | Updated on: 15 February 2018, 15:29 IST

Becoming a celebrity might be a goal for many, but few are able to handle what the lifestyle throws at them. This is primarily because of the pressure to look perfect that celebrity life seemingly puts upon people. Whether you're a mom-to-be or a new-mom or even a-first-time dad – you will be criticized for going to the stores sans a bra or stepping out in your regular daisy dukes. If you're lucky, tomorrow morning's headline will feature your rival being so hungover that they couldn't even match their socks. (We're still not over Kylie's first public appearance after giving birth to Stormi).

As sad and shocking as this might be – the 'perks' of being a public figure doesn't end there. The tabloids are full of stories about why stars 'should' be fashionable. To a level where repeating a dress can make you the next viral meme. 

But it's not just about what the public says. For their opinions can sway from praising you on your 'weight loss days'  to calling you out on your 'no make-up look' within minutes. Though most have stopped being cruel, the pressure to always catch the limelight for the right reasons is real.

Not so long ago Deepika Padukone was targeted for wearing the same outfit as that of a Victoria Secret model's. Though the bright red dress did justice to both beauties and neither gave a statement about being a copy cat, the paparazzi had a field day that day.

Fact of the matter – the pressure to stand out is immense; and it doesn't end there. The fever that was earlier (self) restricted to these Bollywood and Hollywood stars, first infected the moms-to-be and before you knew it the 'baby bump' almost broke the internet. Then came the new-moms trying to get back in shape and trying hard to look skinny af. In no time it gripped the toddlers with less time for the new parents to ever get over the whole drama surrounding the first pictures of their bundle of joy.

Not wanting to spoil the moment they go all crazy over their child by splurging on baby clothes and toys. But isn't it a bit early to consciously/unconsciously,  put them under the radar? I mean they can barely utter an audible word and the celebs, social media influencers included, are already fussing over the next Chanel and Gucci dress!

I tots get it if you yourself are spending days at a stretch at fittings with top designers. But subjecting your babies to this kind of pressure is something they don't deserve to be put through at such an early stage!

Although we live in an era of outspoken celebs using their social media handles to talk their minds out, aren't they also using it to actually show off their stylish toddlers?  As one of the most coveted lifestyles in the world, some of you folks might feel – why you shouldn't spoil your babies to the hilt. But I think you're subjecting these babies to social pressure they shouldn't be dealing with at the moment. Ideally, their dilemma should be which binkie nibble on and not wondering why they're wearing an oversized bandana.

As celeb parents, you've earned your way up to the top and probably deserve every inch of the limelight you get. And you might think your kids do to0. They probably do  – for they are born with the silver spoon in their mouth – or rather with a Swarovski diamond dress. Don't you, however, think their time will come where they will pick if they want to go shop in distressed daisy dukes and tank top or Yeezy shoes?

On this note, I leave you to think what's best for your child. I can only wonder when my bank account will allow me to get my hands on that patent black Chanel purse I've been saving up for over a year for now.

First published: 15 February 2018, 15:29 IST
Aeshwarya Singh Mundel

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