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Feminist Fatale: an essential lesson in feminism from the Powerpuff Girls

Sneha Vakharia | Updated on: 14 February 2017, 5:40 IST

Meet Femme Fatale.

She's a feminist. But a really mean one.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED1

She steals money from banks. (Check out her gun.)

Powerpuff girls_EMBED2

But she doesn't steal all kinds of money. She doesn't want currency that has men on it.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED3

She wants coins with Susan B Anthony on them.

Lots of coins.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED4

And that's why we're glad we have the Powerpuff Girls to save us from her.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED5

But wait, she has some questions for the Girls.

"You girls protect your city as well as Batman and Superman protect theirs. But do you have your own movie?"

Powerpuff girls_EMBED6

"Villainy too is a male-dominated field. Sending me to jail will be a blow to all womankind. Including you. There's only one female super-villain in town."

"We girls gotta look out for each other."

Does that argument sounds familiar?

Powerpuff girls_EMBED7

The Powerpuff Girls are now angry at all the men who treat them badly. So they let Femme Fatale go.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED8

And that's how Femme Fatale goes back to stealing Susan B Anthony coins.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED9

Lots and lots of them.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED10

And the Girls do nothing to stop her.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED11

And the Girls are so angry, they're even mean to the boys in school.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED12

And they're mean to their father because he asks them to clean their room.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED13

They're even mean to the mayor and make him cry.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED14

So Ms Keane and Ms Bellum stage an intervention.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED15

"You're right about one thing," Ms Bellum tells the girls. "There is injustice in the world."

Powerpuff girls_EMBED16

"But that's why we need you to protect the rights of everyone."

The girls begin to understand. That good feminism must be fair to everyone.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED17

So the girls go out to meet Femme Fatale.

She says, "Hey girls, hear you've been kicking some male butt. Good for you."

Powerpuff girls_EMBED18

But the Girls aren't falling for this.

They tell her: "Susan B Anthony didn't want special treatment. She just wanted to be treated equally."

Powerpuff girls_EMBED19

"She demanded that she be sent to jail like any man who broke the law."

Powerpuff girls_EMBED20

"And that's what we'll do to you."

Powerpuff girls_EMBED21

So the Girls kick Femme Fatale's butt and put her in jail.

Powerpuff girls_EMBED22

And the day is saved. Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls.

Powerpuff girls_23

Thank you girls. In the most trying of times, for showing us good feminism from bad.

Incidentally, the Powerpuff Girls are coming back. Here's the trailer to their next season:

Don't Call Me Princess from Cartoon Network PR on Vimeo.

First published: 16 February 2016, 2:32 IST
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