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Dubbing artists extremely proud of Hrithik Roshan

Speed News Desk | Updated on: 16 April 2017, 10:40 IST
Dubbing artists extremely proud of Hrithik Roshan

13 dubbing artists who have been the voice of popular characters like Kattappa from Baahubali, cartoon character Doraemon etc met with Hrithik in his house on Friday afternoon.

The one thing they all unanimously told him when he walked in the room was that they were extremely proud that an actor like him played the role of a dubbing artist in his last movie, Kaabil.

It is perhaps for the first time in mainstream cinema that someone played a dubbing artist on the silver screen and the actual hero of the film was the voice.

Hrithik very inquisitively asked the dubbing artists multiple questions relating to their profession to know more about it. The dubbing artists, on the other hand, were really amazed at the in-depth study that Hrithik underwent for his role. They expressed how the session was a learning experience for them too.

Every one of them had their own moments with Hrithik but one thing was common in all of them. They all felt a sense of pride in the way Hrithik played a voice dubbing artist and used his skills in a manner that made this profession the hero of the film.

Hrithik also made them listen to his practice recordings. They wowed and clapped at his range, voice texture and moreover the amount of effort he had put into this.

One thing they all related to was the scene when his character is emotionally low and wants to cry but has to do a laughing dub. Hrithik understood that.

One of the dubbing artists even mimicked Hrithik’s character from Koi Mil Gaya which Hrithik absolutely loved.

By the end of it, all the dubbing artists were extremely overwhelmed that Hrithik spent 40 – 45 mins with them, interacting and clicking pictures.

First published: 16 April 2017, 10:40 IST